Customer Testimonials

April 29, 2019

April 23, 2019

"Ics made me feel so much comfort and peace at one of the hardest times of my life when I lost my mother they were kind and generous in every way . I would recommend them to anyone who has lost a loved one ."
March 14, 2019

"Excellent staff."
January 29, 2019


"One of the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever encountered. Janine has a great way about her self & has been a wonderful to work with!!!! When you loose a loved one as i did when my father passed the end of January its hard enough to just deal with that. When you have a company like ICS to help it is so much easier. My Dad was a Navy Vet. & the VA is no help when you loose a family member. ICS has taken care of so many things that the list is too long to type. If you are looking for a place to have a loved one taken care of especially a Veteran they are the folks too see & use! With all my love too Craig, Amanda & especially Janine you are the Best!!!!!!!"
December 31, 2018

I am very thankful .

"Losing my beloved Husband broke my heart in pieces , dealing with such a painful situation was not easy . Some of the caring people that helped me through was the professional , compassionate and respectufl staff at ICS . Thank you so much : Ms. Amanda , Ms. Janine , Ms. Sherry for handling everything and thank you Mr. Craig who was the one who met me as close to where I live for the final step."