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11/16/1979 - 08/25/2023


Obituary For ANNE LINKH

This fairytale, as all fairytales must, begins with that time-honored line:
Once upon a time…
Once upon a time, in the far-off and mysterious land of Orlando, Florida, a princess was born on
November 16, 1979 named Anne. Her parents, Gary VanCleef and Sandra Nolan, were
overjoyed at the arrival of the new princess, and the entire kingdom feasted for many days and
nights. However, Princess Anne’s parents noticed that their small child had a peculiar gift: her
little feet never stopped moving. The royal infant’s legs would swing back and forth, looking for a
road their body could not yet travel.
Concerned, Princess Anne’s parents summoned the Queen of the Fairies, who was well known
for her wisdom and kindness. The Queen came to the home of the princess, and after
inspecting the wiggly little princess, presented her parents with a gift: a pair of magical running
shoes. “One day, your princess will travel to the Forest of Life. These shoes will lead her on the
right path through the Forest, wherever she may run,” the Queen proclaimed. “They will grow
with her and lead her to a life of untold happiness, until she reached the end of the Forest.” The
parents thanked the Queen and slipped the tiny shoes on Princess Anne. The princess’
constant wriggling and running feet subsided, and her parents rejoiced.
Princess Anne grew with her parents and her siblings, Brian VanCleef, Rachel Randell, and
Werner Anthony Randell III, also known as Randy. Her magical shoes never pinched or hurt her
feet, growing just as the princess grew. Her father’s duties took the family all over the land, even
beyond the borders to the stunning country of Japan. Princess Anne loved seeing new places
and new people, but no matter where the family settled, the princess’ first love was running.
One day, after Princess Anne graduated from University High School in Orlando, Florida, her
parents told her of the Fairy Queen’s words. They told her it was time to journey through the
Forest of Life. “Your shoes will lead you through the trees, where you need to be. Choose your
paths wisely.” The next day, Princess Anne stood at the opening of the Forest of Life. After
taking a deep breath, she took her first step, then sped up into a jog, and then sprinted into a
run through the entrance to the woods. Shortly after entering the Forest, Princess Anne came to
a fork that lay two paths: the Path of Work and the Path of School. Her magic running shoes
nudged her to the right, and trusting the magic, she followed to the Path of Education.
The Path of Education took Princess Anne to Southern New Hampshire University where she
studied Psychology and Criminal Justice. Unlike her school peers, Princess Anne never tired of
learning. On the contrary, the princess found her hunger for knowledge only grew over time. Her
magic shoes kept her running on the Path of Education for the rest of her life, including studies
in Sports, Exercise, and Health Science, as well as Exercise and Nutrition Science, at Liberty
University. Any time the princess could, she always chose to veer towards the Path of Health,
exhilarated by the strength of her body to run through the dense foliage and brush of the Forest.

After many years on the Path of Education, a new fork opened on the path: the Path of Service
and Protection. “I’ve never seen that path before,” Princess Anne mused. “I think I’ll explore that
path.” Turning her shoes to the left, she began along the Path of Service and Protection. This
path led her to joining the police force in many different lands, including the Galaz Police
Department in Galax, Virginia and the Chesapeake Police Department in Chesapeake, Virginia.
She enjoyed protecting those who could not protect themselves, and swore no matter which
path she took in the Forest, she would always choose to help those who needed her help.
As Princess Anne continued on the Path of Service and Protection, she began to feel lonely.
She began to notice some new paths appearing: the Path of Love. She decided to take a
chance, and took the next left for the sweet-smelling Path of Love.
Along the Path of Love, the princess’ large and caring heart led to the birth of her own princes
and princesses: Princess Autumn Kozera, Prince Calen Kozera, Prince Coleman Kozera, and
Prince Christopher Toney. Princess Anne’s heart had never felt such love before, and she
adored each of her children, who ran with her along the Path of Love in the Forest of Life.
Though she had many opportunities, Princess Anne did not yet leave the Path of Love. She felt
something deep inside telling her there was more she needed. At every fork and junction, her
magical running shoes nudged her to stay on the path, and thus she kept running. One day, she
came across a stranger taking photos of the Forest, and he smiled at her. She paused along the
“I’m Princess Anne,” she said.
“I’m Eric Linkh,” the stranger replied. The princess felt her heart flip and held out her hand.
“Run away with me?” she asked, and Eric smiled wider before taking her hand, running with the
princess and her royal children down the Path of Life. Soon, they were joined by Prince Sterling
Linkh and Princess Axie Linkh, completing Princess Anne’s family.
Soon, the Path of Love lead to a fork, and at that junction was the Path of Purpose. Anne looked
to her husband and her children. “I think I’d like to take this path now,” she said. She pulled
them by the hand, and the family began running the Path of Purpose together.
The Path of Purpose led the family to Florida, to settle in the city of Jasper. Princess Anne found
her purpose helping communities who had been forgotten, and began working as the Minority
Health Liason and Accreditation Coordinator at the Suwannee County Health Department. She
also found purpose in photography and often photographed weddings with her husband, Eric.
Eventually, her eldest children, Princess Autumn and Prince Calen, felt pulled to veer back to
the Path of Service and Protection, enlisting in the United States Navy and United States Marine
Corps, respectively.

The family of six continued running along the Path of Purpose, and Princess Anne’s magical
shoes often nudged them to stop when they met a stranger. Each time, the princess would hold
out her hand and ask, “Run away with me?”. Each time, the strangers would hesitate, but
eventually take her hand and begin running with the family. Over the many years the family ran
on the Path of Purpose, their crowd of friends and family grew, including a granddaughter from
Princess Autumn. Once, Princess Anne met a couple who despaired that they would ever be
parents. She invited them to run away with her, and gave them the gift of a child, a little girl
named Princess Helena Halpern.
On August 25, 2023, the princess’ family and friends glimpsed bright light through the dense
foliage. As they ran, the trees parted, and the Princess could see a beautiful meadow with a
path lined in fragrant blue flowers. At the edge of the blue path was the Queen of the Fairies
once more. She smiled at Princess Anne and the family her love had created.
The princess was confused. “I’ve reached the end of the Forest of Life already?”
The Queen nodded sagely. “You have, princess. But your journey will never really end. That
journey will continue as long as the love you have created lives on, and you have created so
much love.” She gestured behind Princess Anne, who turned and stared in shock at the huge
crowd that had formed during her journey through the Forest. Every face was someone she
laughed with, cried with, and loved deep in the marrow of her bones.
Princess Anne turned back to the Fairy Queen. “Will they be alright without me?”
The Queen smiled. “They will be sad, but your love has bound them together, and it will keep
them moving forward for the rest of their lives.” She held out her hand to the princess. “There
are others waiting for you who have reached the end of the Forest as well. It’s time to meet
them.” Princess Anne, with one last look to all those she loved, took the Queen of the Faires’
hand and took her first step into the sweet-smelling meadow.
The family and friends of Princess Anne felt her loss deep in their hearts, but swore to keep
running along the many the paths of the Forest of Life. They knew one day, they would find their
own way to the edge of the Forest, and meet the princess again in that bright, flower-filled
With the passing of Princess Anne Linkh, the kingdom has decided to hold a Celebration of Life
in her honor with dates to be announced. They thank everyone for their love and support.

Arrangements trusted to ICS Cremation & Funeral Home, 357 NW Wilks Lane Lake City, FL 32055

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